As I close out my final year as President of the Board of Field and Post, I wanted to express that it has been an absolute honour to help grow the organization and see our annual conference FactualWEST become a “must attend” event in Vancouver’s industry schedule.  And the most satisfying part of the experience has been doing all of this alongside a fantastic group of hardworking and talented people.

We have come a long way since Dana Johl, Kate Green and Rob Hardy came into my office at Force Four Entertainment several years back and suggested the idea of a recurring social event to bring people in the factual industry together.  Truth be told, all I did back then was say “Great idea!” and that our company would support the efforts.  They did all the work to make it happen.

When the idea took off like a rocket ship, it was clear the strong desire was there to make this into something bigger than just a bi-monthly social/drinks club (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) And when Amber Orchard joined the team as our event organizer, it was clear we were on the way to even bigger things.

The first FactualWEST event was a thrill to behold and the quality of the event has just gotten better and better every year.  I’ve had numerous people tell me that the social comradery of our events reminds them of the community and team spirit we tried to build at Force Four Entertainment.  Nothing could make me prouder.

Force Four grew from the like-minded partnership I shared with Gillian Lowrey and Rob Bromley – a place that we strived to make fair, supportive, creative and fun – an approach that appealed to a lot of amazing, talented, kind-hearted people who helped us grow the company into the kind of place we all loved to be part of.

It’s that same sense of community that, for me, Field and Post represents, and which I hope will grow and flourish as new Board members take the place of those who have gone before, including myself.    It is diversity of membership and leadership that makes an organization strong and it is participation and a giving spirit that help it grow.  

One thing I and other long term board members were able to bring to both Field and Post and FactualWEST was the attention of funders, creators and broadcasters.  Without all of these, we can’t exist.  And we have to always keep our eyes keenly focused on this fact.

That said, I believe turnover is healthy for a volunteer organization such as Field and Post, and I look forward to meeting new Board members and new Presidents of the organization long into the future.

Vancouver and the West Coast hold a special place in all our hearts, and we know that the inclusive community we have built – and the quality of television and film entertainment that originates here – is unique and special.  

Long may it continue!